Where Brand and Reputation Intersect

Wade joined Business Code Talk to talk about: What “brand” means for an organization and how reputation management impacts this. Brand and the influence of reputation going beyond the customer experience to include employees’ experiences — communication, workplace culture and “brand ambassadorship” by current and former staff. The influence of a company’s perceived reputation on [...]

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How important is brand?

In a world where we are all inundated with messages all day long on a diverse array of media, brand is more important than ever. A brand is not a logo or slogan or a company name. A brand is a business asset and when managed effectively it creates value and further success. A defined [...]

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Why your business needs a marketing communications plan

Too often we run into small business owners who are disenchanted with the time and money they are investing in marketing communications as they don’t believe they are getting the return on investment they are looking for. We hear it all of the time: “I put all of this time and effort into a website [...]

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Influencing public policy

Influencing public policy has been described as a journey, not a race. This is an apt description given that the policy changes that you seek can often take years – or not occur at all. So why do it? Why go through the lengthy and often frustrating process of trying to work with elected officials [...]

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Benefits of strategic communications planning

“It is not enough to be busy. The question is, what are we busy with?” Thoreau Too often, organizations are guilty of producing volumes of communications material and content without a clear understanding of the intended impact on key audiences or the organization’s bottom line. This shotgun approach to communications reflects a mentality that surely [...]

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